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  • Forget Lent III: Softening and Unlearning

    A few years ago I wrote Forget Lent: Practice Being Love and Forget Lent II: Practice Showing Love. Simple is enough. While pondering a simple tune for this year, Open Continues…

  • I will give you rest

    A tune to settle monkey mind. Even if it spins out of control with harmonies, they’ll quiet soon enough and you’ll find that calm, stable place deep within.

  • Holy Innocents

    Once in a blue moon, someone asks if I know any tunes for the Feast of the Holy Innocents (Dec. 28th). Hymns for the Holy Innocents are scant, partly because Continues…

  • Finding Our Voices

    This is an article I wrote for the Episcopal Church Foundation published last week in their Vestry Papers series. The title and section headings were chosen by them. The writing Continues…

  • Following the Way

      This is the lesson on following the Way. Remember it. How do you follow the way? Go where you are sent. Wait till you are shown what to do. Continues…