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  • Heart Prayer

    Only by Following the Way and re-reading my favorite poems can I find my way through the current morasses. Here’s a poem by Elizabeth Cunningham from her book Small Bird.

  • Advent Reflection XIII: Fragility and Intention

    The death and destruction department in Life’s Little Reality Shoppe has a way of preempting everything. Last week, two sick parents and the death of my friend Deb cast a Continues…

  • Following the Way

      This is the lesson on following the Way. Remember it. How do you follow the way? Go where you are sent. Wait till you are shown what to do. Continues…

  • On Being Saved by a Poem

    Poetry and I are old friends. When I had to move home for a year in college, poetry was the one thing that kept me sane (except for Robert Lowell). Continues…

  • Spring Fling

    I spent last week in Chicago, working with friends old and new. Two days were spent at an editorial meeting for a hymnal revision, while Wednesday brought me to the Continues…