Ana Hernández

composer, arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker


Open Spaces. Freshly Baked Bread. Lots of Music. Chocolate and Coloring Books. I’ll be joining the fine people of Not-So-Churchy at 130 w. 30th street, NYC (between 6th and 7th). Come! We gather at 6:45 pm for chocolate, fruit, and chatting and 7:00 for worship. All are welcome! Who are these Not-So-Churchy people, you may ask: Not So Churchy is an intimate worshipping community that creates our own services month by month, outside the structures of the traditional church. We are artists, community activists, and musicians. We are adults and kids — kids are an integral part of our community and we know them as full participants. We are lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and straight allies. We bring all of ourselves, the stuff we like and the stuff we aren’t so sure of, to our space together. There is always laughter You might feel calmer leaving than you did coming in Each gathering is a little bit different, created with care There is space for change, room to grow, and an experience that’s Not So Churchy.

Location: 130 w. 30th street, NYC (between 6th and 7th) Directions...