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composer, arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker

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New album in the works!

This year (2017), I’m working on The Big Chants Album, a mostly live recording of all of my big chants: Guide us waking; Be still and know (Med. No. 9); You are beloved (Med. No. 10); Tell me/If  God is love is; Hold my hope (Teach me to be love), and more. With Mollie Nichols directing the adult and children’s choirs of the Church of the Heavenly Rest, and Ike Sturm and his jazz quintet from St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, (both in NYC), this is a dream come true – but first I must raise enough money to make it a reality. Your support means everything as we begin this new project.

For a tax-deductible gift to the Big Chants Project ONLY, please give through the Church of the Heavenly Rest. You can also send a check to Church of the Heavenly Rest with Big Chants Project in the memo to CHR Attn: Mollie Nichols, 2 E. 90th St., NY, NY 10128.

If you recall a time my music has made a difference in your life, please contribute to the work!

People often tell stories about how my tunes help you to focus, be present, bless meals, release stress, navigate grief and loss, and make you jump up and down on the bed with your kids in joy and gratitude. Your gift subsidizes visits to small churches, nursing homes, and schools, where absolutely everybody is invited and encouraged to sing together.

I am grateful for your continuing support; I look forward to the ongoing creation of new, beautiful, and nutritious tunes to feed our hearts, support one another, and expand deeper connections across the broader community.

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