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Big Chants Project – New From Ana


Big Chant Thanksgiving Straight

Hi, Everyone,

On May 21st, 2017, I begin recording my ninth album (Number 9, Number 9…), tentatively called The Big Chants Project—a mostly live recording of multi-part chants and short songs. My co-conspirators are two friends and excellent NYC musicians: Mollie Nichols, who leads the choirs of the Church of the Heavenly Rest, and Ike Sturm and his quintet. Ike is the director of the Jazz Ministry at St. Peter’s Lutheran. Both Mollie and Ike are beautiful humans who’ve built loving and creative music programs. They understand the power that chanting and improvisation bring into the world and are excited to collaborate in bringing these chants to a wider audience. It’s a dream come true to work with them—but first I must raise enough money to make it a reality.

That’s where you come in. As a freelance musician and spreader of good cheer through the healing power of music-making, I am asking you to help this album come into being. Take a look at the budget below.

The Big Chants Album combines the joy of group singing with the ever-expanding devotion of improvisation. We will blur the lines of genre and bring people into closer relationship (you too!) through the art of musical reflection. Now is the time this album is needed in the world because slowing down, setting time apart to nourish ourselves, and nurturing our relationships with beauty and one another leads to deeper listening and more attentive perception of our place in the world.

Your support continues to mean everything as we begin this new project. The timeline is to record the first half on May 21st at St. Peter’s, the second half in September. Then we edit, mix, master, print, and release by November 1. I need to raise $75,000 by May 15th to make the album the best it can possibly be, insure just wages for all the participants, and to publicize its existence.

Here are a few ways you can give. One way (not tax-deductible) is through the donate button on my website. One-time or recurring donations are most welcome. You can also write a check and send it to me directly: Ana Hernández, 11 Dyckman Dr. Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

For a tax deductible gift, please give through the Church of the Heavenly Rest. Here’s the link for an online donation. You may also send a check to Church of the Heavenly Rest, Attn: Mollie Nichols, Music Dept., 2 E. 90th St., NY, NY 10128. Write Big Chants on the memo line.

I’m truly blessed to be part of a generous network of friends and colleagues, and I invite your prayers for the project. Your ongoing support of this work will continue to have a deepening impact on our hearts, the church, and the world.

Deep thanks, blessings, and peace from my heart to yours,


 The Big Chants Project
Draft Budget

Artist fees (rehearsals, recording sessions)
 soloists, conductor, instrumentalists, adult choir, children’s choir                $ 9,500

Arranging fees                                                                                                   $ 2,500

Recording day provisions
                                                                                 $    500

Producers, engineer, recording, overdubs, editing, mixing, mastering         $41,900

Manufacturing, printing, packaging, shipping, artwork, website                   $11,000


Publicist, publicity, radio promoter, travel                                                          $10,250


Total                                                                                                                           $75,650


Do you think this looks like a lot of money? In a 2011 National Public Radio story, the cost to record one hit song was almost $79,000. This album may be an incredible bargain!


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