Ana Hernández

composer, arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker


The Voice of Angels: Selections from Wonder, Love, and Praise by Girl Choristers of Washington National Cathedral with Ana Hernandez and Friends

The Girl Choristers of Washington National Cathedral, Doug Major, Bruce Neswick, Helena Marie, Ana Hernandez


Glory to God
Day of delight and beauty unbounded
As panting deer desire the waterbrooks
Holy God/Trisagion
Kyrie Eleison (Hildegard)
A song of creation (Cavouti)
Kyrie Eleison (Hildegard/Hernandez)
Tu has venido a la orilla
As newborn stars were stirred to song
A song of praise (Boles)
People, Look East
Peace before us
Here, O Lord, your servants gather
God the sculptor of the mountains
God, beyond all human praises
As we gather at your table
Benedictus benedicat
These three are the treasures/Come now, O Prince of Peace
Christ our passover (Papadakos)
Holy, holy, holy, Lord (Dimmock)
The tree of life my soul hath seen
Way, way, way
God be with you till we meet again