Ana Hernández

composer, arranger, workshop facilitator, author, and mischief maker


Blessed by Light by HARC

This second offering from the vocal duo of Ruth Cunningham and Ana Hernandez, brings you chants, mantras and tunes in a wide range of styles. Sung in English, Gaelic, Latin and Sanskrit, it will lift your spirit with intricate harmonies, surprising arrangements, and room for you to sing along.

Arise, Shine – by Ruth Cunningham (from Music by Heart hymnal)
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha – By Ana Hernandez
In Paradisum – Trad. Gregorian Chant
Sri Krishna Saranam Ma Ma
This Little Light – Trad. (in Lift Every Voice and Sing hymnal)
Tar A Thigherna – by Ruth Cunningham (from Music by Heart hymnal )
Om Namaha Shivaya – by Ana Hernandez
Come Light of Lights (from Music by Heart hymnal)
Christ Be with Me – by Ruth Cunningham
Brother James’ Air – Trad. Arr. Ana Hernandez
Be the Peace – by Ana Hernandez

Guitar, flute, klong yaw, ankle bells, shruti box, djembe, tamboura, harp, tongue drum, cello (thanks to Eugene Freisen)